It’s been a long few years.

Of course that’s not accurate; it’s been the exact number of days and hours and minutes you would expect from the amount of times the earth has rotated around the sun and on its own axis. But for reasons either obvious and universal and/or obscure and personal, it has felt like longer. Nevertheless, I’m in a very different place – literally, metaphysically (disclaimer: unsure if true due to limited understanding of term. I recently admitted to a friend that I didn’t 100% know what the moon was) – than I used to be, you know, then.

The passage of time has its benefits. I started playing the piano at 5, writing songs at 11, playing guitar at 14 and performing as a vocalist in bands at 20. But it’s taken a little longer to reach the point where I have the time, energy and confidence to make my first album. For whatever reason, the stars are aligned, the moons and planets are zooming about or whatever they do and I just need to be brave enough to step out into new orbits.

I have been lucky enough to secure an exciting and talented producer and some of the resources I need to work with them. I’ve spent the last six months furiously making demos of about 30 of my best songs and whittling them down to an amount that an average human could survive listening to in one go. I’ve done this with huge support and encouragement from some significant others – you know, and thank you. So, an album is happening. Accidental Massive Heart will be released by my own label, Awkward Lion Records, in 2023. I’ll be doing a Crowdfunder campaign and some small local gigs so if you want to support me you can. Sign up to my newsletter on my website, follow me on Facebook and Instagram and be prepared for some noise. ๐Ÿฆ

Terrifying as it is, falling clumsily out of a spaceship wearing only an Agatha Christie t-shirt (and underwear – I’m not an animal), there is freedom in the fear and hope in the unknown. And I humbly accept that my GCSE in double science should be reviewed by the examination board forthwith.


    1. Nice one Rosalie!!!


  1. Look forward to the album


    1. Thanks Andrew. New single and music video coming soon. ๐Ÿ™‚


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